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Thornton Tomasetti Taps The Combine to Commercialize Intrapreneurial Start-up Ventures

  16.12.2016   TTWiiN   News   No comments

Thornton Tomasetti has partnered with The Combine to commercialize technologies under its internal innovation engine, TTWiiN.

Builtworlds: Thornton Tomasetti Rolls Out Tech Accelerator

  7.06.2016   TTWiiN   News   No comments

“NYC-based structural engineer Thornton Tomasetti made waves at BuiltWorlds’ CEO Tech Forum earlier this spring when it unveiled TTWiiN (@ttwiin_inc), a new technology accelerator intended to drive AEC innovation.”

Harks: Nasa Tech Transfer Program Pt. III: Eye-popping Advances In Natural Disaster Management

  19.05.2016   TTWiiN   News   No comments

Technology developed by NASA to stabilize rockets is being employed by Thornton Tomasetti to reduce vibrations in skyscrapers.

Crain’s: Major engineering firm starts selling tech it developed

  3.05.2016   TTWiiN   News   No comments

Thornton Tomasetti Chairman & CEO Tom Scarangello talks about TTWiiN and how it will commercialize technologies.

WSJ: Engineer Has a Real Feel for Getting Rid of Bad Vibes

  28.04.2016   TTWiiN   News   No comments

Elisabeth Malsch, who heads the Advanced Analytics group at Thornton Tomasetti Inc., tours a construction site at Rockefeller University. PHOTO:MARK ABRAMSON FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Vice President Elisabeth Malsch