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What is it about The Bronx and BuiltWorlds summit keynotes?

Last spring at our CEO Tech Forum, Bronx, NY, native and thought leader Peter Diamandis inspired our audience with grand visions of “exponential technologies” that would soon disrupt our daily lives at work and at home. This spring, Bronx native Tom Scarangello, PE, chairman and CEO of engineering giant Thornton Tomasetti, will take the stage as our closing keynote May 5 at BuiltWorlds Summit 2017. His topic? “Collaboration to accelerate innovation.”

As a Bronx native, myself, I decided to ask Tom what makes folks like us so insightful, forward-thinking, and optimistic. He can only speak for himself, of course, but what follows is a glimpse into an exhilarating and joyful life as an engineer who seems unusually devoted to the big picture. For someone who has been at the same firm for 38 years, it would be easy to become jaded, cynical, and married to routine. But Scarangello has yet to turn 60, and the long ago intern-turned-CEO remains hungry for new ideas that will help his company succeed and improve our industry. Here’s what he had to share.

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