Our Origin

A firm of engineers, scientists, and architects, Thornton Tomasetti has been expanding the limits of what’s possible since 1949.

When Thornton Tomasetti merged with Weidlinger Associates in 2015, leaders of the combined firm envisioned an opportunity to fundamentally transform the AEC industry for the better.

Part of that vision was the combination of unique technologies residing in both of the company’s incubators that, when consolidated and accelerated through active investment including platform leadership, could lead to the commercialization of industry changing products.

Recognizing that accelerating this innovation requires a dedicated effort undistracted by daily project demands, they created TTWiiN. A play on the name “Thornton Tomasetti Weidlinger Innovation accelerator,” TTWiiN is an independent entity focused on driving innovation to commercialization of products as diverse as medical ultrasound modeling to tall building vibration dampers.

Our Approach

TTWiiN leverages Thornton Tomasetti’s deep expertise and global relationships in a three-
pronged approach:

  1. Commercializing promising IP to create scalable companies
  2. Investing in partnerships with other AEC innovators
  3. Fostering collaboration through building a community of disruptive thought leaders

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